Additional cleaning services

Professional window & conservatory cleaning

Commercial window cleaning

Though we always provide personal care and attention with regards to our residential customers, we also provide the same quality of service when dealing with commercial clients. The bulk of our commercial window cleaning work is for shops, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, pubs, office blocs and industrial units.

Residential window cleaning

We provide a residential window cleaning service throughout the Hampshire area and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our service includes the cleaning of the glass, sills and upvc doors and window frames. Conservatory cleaning is included where required and conservatory roof cleaning is also available on request. (see below)

Conservatory roof cleaning

We can provide a complete conservatory roof cleaning service when required to do so. We can clean the full exterior glass of your conservatory roof as a one-off clean or on a regular schedule. Our long reach cleaning equipment ensures that we are able to clean the conservatory roof without the need to climb over it.

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Solar panel cleaning

Domestic & commercial solar panel cleaners

Solar panels, like windows and other external surfaces are prone to getting dirty over time due to the weather and contaminants that lay on and stick to their surface. However, dirty solar panels not only look unsightly, they can also be losing you money that could otherwise be saved by keeping them regularly cleaned.

Without regular cleaning once or twice a year the maximum output of your solar panels will start to reduce significantly. The more electricity produced by your solar panels, the less you pay your energy provider, so it's worth getting them cleaned once or twice a year to maintain their efficiency.

Why do your solar panels get dirty? Usually it's sticky residue and bird droppings that can accumulate on the panels. Even if they look relatively clean their is likely to be a film of dirty over them that has built up overtime. Homes near trees and close to the sea will be particularly susceptible to the elements.

To keep your solar panels clean We Can Clean can provide an annual cleaning service, or twice yearly if required, for example in the Winter and more importantly, the Summer months when solar panel systems generate the most power. Just give us a call today for a free estimate. We offer our solar panel cleaning service throughout the Hampshire area including Fareham, Portsmouth and all the surrounding towns and villages.

To request more information about our solar panel cleaning service please feel free to contact us by phone anytime during working hours or use our website enquiry form if more convenient.

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